About Parker Faulkner

Growing up on a farm in rural southeast Missouri and being raised by a great Dad who taught me how to work and a wonderful Christian Mother who took me to church regularly I was taught the values of hard work and always doing the right thing would always pay off in the long run. While being an advisor for the past twenty-six years I have instilled those values into my personal practice. I have truly been blessed in my professional career as I have been taught by the very best in regards to retirement income planning and I look forward to sharing that knowledge and what I have learned with you.
I have been truly been blessed in my personal life as well with three beautiful children, two daughters, one son, two wonderful sons-in-law, and two precious grandsons. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients to find peace of mind when it comes to helping them with their financial concerns regarding their retirement years. Helping them also helps me in so many ways. Like my mentor Zig Ziglar says, "If you simply help enough other people get what they want then someday you will truly get what you want"! I truly believe this and try my very best to live by it on a daily basis.

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